BO; new ver.


A big cookie jar

...with small amounts of cookie.

... is the content of this COOKIE jar.

Farewell, I guess.
BO; new ver.
You could say that this would be my final post here. I'm ditching this place for a Blogger account, which I think might be the best decision.
Seriously, there's nothing like you know... bad memories and shit. It's just that... I'm so lonely.

I guess this is goodbye. T~T

Come look for me here instead;

See ya! :)

What a hot dog, doc!
BO; new ver.
Why, hello there little journal! You want me to feed you a cookie eh? Looks like you're starving, hon!
Okay, a quick fix and I'll be off to my deep nap, baby! :P
(Eww, gross! XP)

Let's take a look at this picture:

This HAD to be like the most epic film screenshot ever. I mean, come on! When's the last time you saw these two TOGETHER in a screen? The answer would be; NU'UH! I felt like a J**ish homo when I told my roommate that I didn't KNOW or HEARD about Who Framed Roger Rabbit. How could I NOT know that Disney cartoons once collaborated with good old Looney Tunes characters in a totally unexpected box-office live-action/animation hit? Damn! FYI, I've been wanting to see this movie ever since my roommate got all worked up on me on my ignorance in the awesome animation / film world. And now, thanks to my really slow nervous system which sparked my head and forced me to find out about the movie a few days back, and also the magic of torrents, I will watch this movie! I cannot wait till it finishes! YAHOO! XD

And I'm off to the sofa. Tata!

I don't want much.
BO; new ver.

I had to type those shit I babbled AGAIN?! Damn it...

Okay, I have to keep it short then (but still VERY lengthy! XD).
It's a LIVEjournal, so I'm not keeping any chances. I'ma tell you what I've been through yesterday.

BEL260 was awesome as usual. There was, of course, as usual, another game we had to tag along with. This time, our lecturer became this one successful millionaire, and she decided to donate a hefty sum of money, and what we had to do was to figure out what should we do with it. I think my group got the wrong idea at first, but after she explained what she really meant, our idea seemed to adapt itself pretty well! But in the end, she decided to take back the money. Damn... >:(

The traditional theater script... it caught me by surprise. The lecturer easily said "YES" to my bangsawan's synopsis and treatment. Wow... =,="" Now, I can move on to the next process, which would be the script for act 1 and act 2 of the bangsawan script. Seriously... it was like a snap!

The afternoon; I have to ditch the noon session of the BEL260 class, together with Amanda, Cassy and AG, as were invited to attend a ceremony that celebrates the students who got into the last semester's Dean's List (AG really wasn't one of us... he had to go 'cause he's the emcee. :P). It was held at Kelab Shah Alam, an exclusive club of some sort in my hometown. The ceremony was really brief; VIP arrival, prayers, the dean's speech, eat a buffet (I ate before that, so I got very full sooner than I thought. The food was okay, but the bread pudding...WAS OUT OF THIS GALAXY! XD), certs giveaway, and a photo shoot, and that's it. All's well that ends well; we all went  home and I slept for hours 'cause I was really tired, not knowing the reason why. When I slept that evening, my brother called, and he said something about my form 5 English teacher sent her regards to me. I was like... "HEH?! How did he figured out that my bro's bro was me?" =.=""

The sun ain't shining; it was night.
I was woken up for a few sec 'cause Aten asked me to make that storyboard with Cassy for Aten's upcoming directorial debut. Way to go girl! :D
Then, I slept again.

But after awhile, I felt like my really awesome slumber got interrupted. I kept on hearing crowd noises quite a few times. I decided to end my slumber and find out what's going on. And then, it hit me. I just remembered that Isyraqi, also a Dean's List cert recipient, could not attend the ceremony because he was involved in his compulsory class assignment; they have to shoot a music video, and his group got to do one with Bunkface!, a local Indie band, on one of their top songs entitled Revolusi. When I got there, the shoot was halted for a while, so I decided to just sit there and do nothing. But out of the blue, my heart wants me to tell straight to their face a couple of nasty questions. So, I got my ass up and just decided to meet them and ask that Q. I didn't know why, but I was suddenly not ready. It's not like I'm intrigued with their celebrity status or anything like that, it's just that... I don't know... something was holding me back. After the break's over, the director called upon all the extras; she even asked me to join the crowd on the final scene they were trying to shoot. The scene was.. Bunkface! was walking on the red carpet, while a couple of bouncers ward off the crowds away from them.

When they called it a wrap, Isyraqi suddenly asked me to follow him, and then he told a member of the band that I wanted to ask a question. Well, I just ask away then. This would be, more or less, the brief conversation I had with him; translated of course. Note: the phrases in the brackets weren't part of the conversation.
Me: Hey ya, bro. How are you?
BF member: I'm all good. Thanks!
Me: Nice threads, man.
BF member: Alhamdulillah. :)
Me: So, bro. I got two questions for ya.
BF member: Okay, go ahead.
Me: First question; you guys were in this one competition on TV right...?
BF member: I'm sorry... what...? Dadada... on the TV?
Me: A competition... on the TV.
BF member: Oh, you meant BLAST OFF! ?
Me: Yeah, that. So, you guys didn't even make it to the finals. And then you became real quiet, and raise to fame out of thin air. How you guys did it?
BF member: Oh, it's nothing like that. After BLAST OFF!, yeah, we didn't made the cut, and we were quite.
Ikmal: Man, I've voted for you guys, y'know that? (Damn it... he interrupted me! [-|)
BF member: Aww, thanks dude! So, yeah... You heard of our first single Silly Lily, right? We started things out from there, really.
Me: Hmm, okay. Second question. Where did you guys get the inspiration of your band's songs from? It's like I heard of them before this. Explain that.
BF member: Well, to be honest, we have many influences from other bands; like Green Day, Sum 41, ... (and some other bands that I cant quite catch...)
Me: Well, from what my ears are saying I heard sounds from Fall Out Boy...
BF member: Yeah... and then?
Me: Sum 41...
BF member: Yeah, it's there. Got some more?
Me: Hmm... Jonas Brothers? Something Corporate?
BF member: Yeah... you're right! There are more really, so keep trying, man...! (and then he ran off)

Haha... I really can't believe it! Those kinds of questions were really kinda almost controversial, and yet I still had the guts to ask those Qs straight to his face; heck, I didn't even shower when I was hanging around! And he was kinda like okay with the Qs! XD But I still sense some humiliation from him though, 'cause I think he knows that I'm trying to bash his band, but nonetheless, he was still trying to give me the answers I want, and I have to say... I was really satisfied! Good job, guys! I officially label you guys as a normal human being, like us! XD No offense, okay? :P

Minutes have passed by; then I saw the remaining of my classmates who got to see the final performance of the Sirah Junjungan theater (I'll have my verdict on the show later, okay? And then I can translate it and use it as my assignment! Hurrah! XD). One of them was having her birthday that day. And you know what? Bunkface! attacked her... with a birthday song! Haha... she was speechless alright, 'cause you know... it's a big deal for her if a celebrity was singing something special exclusively to one specific fan. If I were in her shoes, and it was Mike Shinoda instead, I'll blush myself to death too! Again... happy birthday, Yana. :)

So, I guess that's my journal for yesterday's happenings.
Till the next time. :)

Weekend news: My abah is in BERITA HARIAN; the newspaper! XD
BO; new ver.
Yeah... remember that I posted  a little something on my dad's success in winning a word competition? Well, he was interviewed yesterday, and HERE HE IS NOW! On the National section of the newspaper! Apparently, there was no definite winner, so the prize money was split to three!

Here's my dad's picture (the one in pink :P) and another winner with his wife. The title reads "Three word contest winners share the prize" in English. The subtitle that didn't cut out to be displayed here would be read as "Berita Harian readers got RM8, 333.333 each" in English.

And here would be the brief interview part with my abah (Radzali would be his name);

Sementara itu, Radzali, 55, pula tidak menyangka dipilih pemenang kerana beberapa percubaannya sebelum ini gagal.
Meanwhile, Radzali, 55, really didn't expected to be chosen as one of the winners due to the failure of his previous attempts.

"Saya menyertai dan mengikuti peraduan ini sejak ia mula diperkenalkan tetapi tidak pernah menang. Namun, perasaan kecewa itu saya ketepikan jauh-jauh sebaliknya berusaha untuk memperbaiki ilmu bahasa dan memantapkan kemahiran kosa kata," katanya.
"I took part and follow the contest's progress ever since it was introduced but I never won even once. But, I threw away the feeling of disappointment and keep working my way up in order to enrich my knowledge in this language and sharpen my vocabulary skills," he stated.

Menyifatkan peraduan berkenaan sangat menguji minda dan ada ketikanya mencabar kesabaran, Radzali memilih waktu rehat tengah hari dan lewat malam bagi memberi tumpuan kepada teka kata itu.
Dubbing that the contest have really tackled his mind and got on his nerves at times, Radzali have chosen to fully concentrate on the word contest during his break in the noon and at midnight.

"Saya perlukan suasana sunyi dan tanpa gangguan bagi mencari perkataan tepat. Selain itu, saya tidak bergantung kepada kamus semata-mata sebaliknya menggandakan dengan melayari internet, meminta pendapat rakan selain memastikan teka kata disemak berulang kali," katanya yang sanggup memandu ke pejabat Pos Besar pada 12 tengah malam bagi menghantar penyertaannya itu.
"I really need some peace and quiet in order for me to find the right word. Apart from that, I didn't fully rely on only a dictionary, instead I doubled my effort by looking up in the internet, ask for a friend's opinion besides repeatedly re-check the words," said the contestant who was willing enough to drive to the main post office at midnight just to submit his entry.

Oh, abah... I'm so proud of ye! :')

Reading this made me realise something; there's no such thing as an easy win.

Alice in Wonderland.
BO; new ver.

I HAVE to watch this! Oh boy, Tim Burton sure did it again huh? I mean with Johnny Depp. I wonder what relationship those two have? Hm....


p/s: Downloading ALMOST ALICE (a soundtrack album with songs inspired by the movie), because the playlist looks mighty edible. ^.^

A not-so-public apology.
BO; new ver.
To kick things of, I apologise for the wait. I really wanted to post a new entry, but due to an empty-made up excuse, I delayed the deed. ^.^"

I would like to apologise to someone.

The person to be apologised to would be my dad; or as we like to call him abah.

Dear abah, all three of us tend to observe any of your side tracks; things like newspaper competitions and part-time business like ad-spamming on random companies and many others, as yet another thing you fail to do as a human being (I know... that's cold right? Wait... it's just me). But because of the call this evening, my impression towards you was somehow caught me by surprise and I have to admit, he got me to change my negative perceptions on him. A woman called home, wondering if she could get my dad on the line, but he was at work... and she told me he didn't answer his damn phone (well... for today, the reason he didn't pick up was... he misplaced his phone somehow, but usually... he's just being lazy! =,=""). And then she told me that she was from BERITA HARIAN (a local newspaper). I was like... "Nigga, say what?! What do that chick... I mean... BERITA HARIAN want with my abah?" Then she told me this; he was actually one of the three lucky contestants in running for a cash prize of RM 25, 000 for this one word contest organised by the paper. A heavy, imaginary gulp was my only respond. Well, I have to take note on that news, because... were talking COLD HARD CASH here, young money! One more thing; he NEVER got tired of doing that contest; heck, he even took the length to even search for a missing fragment of the contest if he accidentally forgot to buy an issue of the newspaper! And with that story, I would like to seriously apologise to abah because I was one of the people who kept putting him down from behind. Sorry for never had a strong faith in you... and congrats again, abah. :)

Oh, I've just remembered.
To all those people who actually had the heart to actually read this chunky ol' blog but never had the chance to give their say on my entries, I'm REALLY sorry. Turns out I forgot to allow comments from anonymous users. =.="" No wonder I kept on complaining.

Lastly, to anyone at all that got offended by yours truly, I'm sorry too. We're humans, for god sake. Mistakes are kind of like our friends; they help us see the wrongs that we keep on doing in our lives and encourage us to change for the better and to never meet them again. Yup... you know what they say about friends... when you love them, you gotta let them go.

Okay, I'm done babbling bullshits for today.
I really need to do my FUCKING ASSIGNMENTS. The semester break's gonna have an end's meet for heaven's sake!

Ah well, sayonara, bubs! Gotta jet! :) 

ANNOUNCEMENT: "I pronounce you akuboyot and Iki.Ali."
BO; new ver.
Okay, guys. Here's the drill.

I just made another blog over Blogger (Blogspot or whatever you call that site) and that blog has a totally different concept  than this one. It's more like... a fancier and more artistic approach in my way of posting my thoughts on anything I want. I'll post it in forms of poems or any other creative writing forms there if I have the time, the ideas and the mood.

So, do visit the site. It's called scrapoetry // puisitaik (the description for the blog name is at it's header).

That's about it. :)

8 Mile x タイヨウのうたTaiyou no Uta (?!).
BO; new ver.
?! on the journal title is right.
Why the hell did I compare these two movies?!
I mean come on... Eminem and YUI, even though both are musicians, are totally different person! But there's one thing I see in both of them that's the same; THEY ARE MOTHERFUCKING GENIUSES. :)

8 Mile

B-Rabbit, a wannabe rapper from the wrong side of Detroit's 8 Mile, has problems: he dumps his girlfriend when she tells him she's pregnant; to save money to make a demo tape, he moves into his alcoholic mom's trailer; his job's a dead end, and he's just choked at the local head-to-head rap contest. Things improve when he meets Alex - an aspiring model headed for New York - and a fast-talking pal promises to set up the demo. Then new setbacks: Alex isn't faithful, mom rejects him, rifts surface with his friends, and he's mugged by rivals. Everything hinges on the next rap showdown at the club. Can B-Rabbit pull truth out of his cap?

タイヨウのうた Taiyou no Uta / A Song To The Sun

Kaoru dreamily gazes from her bedroom window each morning just before dawn. She can see a stretch of the beach in front of her parent's house on a hill in Kamakura, but focuses upon the activity at the bus stop where Koji and his two best friends meet before going surfing. The appearance of the sun causes her to lowers the blinds and go to sleep for she suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and exposure to the sun's rays has had the potential to kill her. At night she walks to the train station, plays her guitar and sings songs she has written, commonly returning home just a few minutes before it starts getting light. One morning she is at the bus stop singing when Koji arrives. Liking the song she was singing, he promises to go and listen to her perform as a street musician the first day of summer vacation but finds a loud and off-key man has occupied her spot. Koji improvises and takes her to Yokahama on his motor bike where her singing immediately draws a crowd. Koji marvels at her extraordinary future, whereas he muses at his ordinary nature as he asks to be her boyfriend. But she breaks up almost immediately as the rising sun reminds her that she cannot live a normal life. Koji tries and make amends after being sought out by her father, and starts to earn the 200,000 yen needed to pay for a studio session and production of a CD of Kaoru's songs. As she practices on her guitar, she finds her fingers becoming immobilized, the first sign that neurological damage from the disease is progressing.

Okay, the plot summaries for both films weren't actually written by me. :P

To make it clear, the reason why I compare these two movies was probably because both of them can really portray their characters well. AND because they were smart enough to accept their roles and because what could possibly be better and more enjoyable than acting (partly) as yourself? I think both of them knows that doing something else that's not really their true identities could be a big pain in the arse, so it's wise of them to act only if the characters were really based on themselves. I enjoyed both of these movies because both Eminem and YUI react naturally upon the scenarios thrown at them because they would have probably gone through the same shits in their past lives, which is good so that they can avoid themselves from being harshly criticised by film critics or the public by saying these musicians' acting is a fake one. From how I see things, I think it's better for the so-called singers that decided to become a movie star to actually study their roles first when they got the script. If the character is just not you AT ALL, even for one tiny bit, then the hell with that! Or there's always that talent and passion for acting and do well with it if the musicians have that. :P

To simply put it; actors ACT, while musicians SING or COMPOSE SONGS, NOT sing AND act.

Ahaha... I'm talking bullshit now.
In a nutshell, I just watched 8 Miles last night, and I think it's one of the movies that should receive a standing ovation, if it weren't for the needless love scene between Eminem and Brittany Murphy (Kim Basinger's love scene is hot enough, that all the other love scenes should be deleted! XD). When I watched Eminem acted, it reminded me of YUI, because both of them looks so natural in the movie. They don't have to pretend to be who they're not. WE should be like that too. We should be ourselves, and to do that is to love ourselves first. I think that is why I like these kinds of superstars.

BO; new ver.
It's my first time to online in our library here (with my laptop of course and not the shitty library comps! No offense, k?), so why not take the time to blog here, too? XD

I don't why I have this need to go to the library. Oh, wait. I do know why. I sorta have an assignment due tomorrow. And since Aqi's broadband has a 'lightning speed' connection, I decided to give PTAR a chance (PTAR: Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak / Tun Abdul Razak Library), along with my classmates with a purpose of their own (but in general, all they were doing was social networking and mindlessly browse the web.. unlike me, of course.. XD).

You know, it kinda have that one feeling I don't know how to express. =.=" It's like it's okay to study AND goof around (I mean, playing video games or mindless net surfing; stuff like that) since not many people are around. XD

And guess what? I'M FUCKING DONE WITH THAT ASSIGNMENT! Took me awhile to really force my brain to vomit for new ideas since I've been procrastinating on this assignment for days (I was supposed to finish it last weekend, but.. I miss my bro, man)! Now that I'm done, I think I'd better head back soon. The dudes gon' miss me. :P

Oh, by the way, here's how the library (and me XD) looks like.

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Lonely and different.
BO; new ver.
I'm not good at being different, huh?
Looking at other blogs of my buddies, classmate and family members...
They look kinda similar, yet... they still have that distinct differences in their style of blogging, and people seemed to follow them.

My brother keep on asking me the same question at almost every time before I start a blog entry: "A blog? Does anybody ever reads it?".

I know having a blog means the owner got the freedom to show their true colours by giving the owner's personality into the blog. What's the point of having a blog if I you can't even express yourself? What's the point of expressing yourself if people is avoiding you because you're different from them? What, do everybody have to own similarities to shine? What happened to being different is special?


Dah la... merepek je aku ni. Aku tulis ni pun, aku sorang je yang baca. Sebab apa ek? Sebab aku suka taip dalam Bahasa Inggeris? Ntah la... sampai bila aku nak stop ikut trend blogging ni. Tapi... nak tunjukkan kita ni siapa tu trend jugak ke? Itu hak individu kan? Tak kisahlah pakai medium apa pun kan? Asalkan kita ada tempat nak bagitau orang siapa diri kita ni dengan cara kita sendiri. Aku rasa blogging ni lagi berkesan dari tunjukkan diri kita depan orang ramai. Kalau diri kita tu gila, siapa nak dekat? Tapi, kalau orang bayangkan kita ni gila, kan lagi best? Sama-sama jadi sewel!

Damn... I'd better stop this before my spine self-destruct.
And that Malay part, I'll only translate it IF any of my foreign friends are reading this entry. But for now, let's leave it at that.

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